Below is an update on the current outstanding orders we have with the suppliers. Apologies that one deadline has already passed in that the Kimi and Alonso were meant to be here by the end of August.

Kimi signed
Visors have been with us for some time. The helmets should be here within the next two weeks but Bell are waiting for the red Ferrari boxes. We expect to ship these by the end of September at the latest

Alonso 2018
The remaining pre orders will be fulfilled in the next 1-2 weeks. Again we are just waiting for our last allocation from Bell

Ericsson, Leclerc and Ocon
No date was ever set for these when they were announced. However as soon as we receive stock orders will be processed

Senna 1993
We are pushing very hard to have a final answer on these but everything suggests that it will still go ahead. We sincerely apologise to those that have pre ordered and have waited patiently.

The helmets are being shipped in the next couple of weeks. Once we have them all here and checked we can arrange the signing with Alain. We cannot commit to a date with Alain until the helmets are physically in stock and ready to go.

Prototype is ready and production will start next month hopefully

Mansell 94
Prototype is almost ready and production will start as soon as the design is approved

Blundell 93
The prototype is still being developed but we should see images in the next 3-4 weeks.

Mick Schumacher
Schuberth have assured us it’s still going ahead. Again we are just waiting on confirmed dates.